Why Do Full-Mouth Dental Implants Cost So Much?

If mass tooth loss is affecting your life, a solution like full-mouth dental implants is often the best option.

But for many, the prospect of the full-mouth dental implant cost can seem intimidating at first. However, while cost is absolutely an important factor in the decision-making process, equal consideration should also be given to value and quality of life after the treatment when comparing prices.

To find out why full-mouth dental implants cost so much – and why this price is worth the investment – read on!

Breaking down full-mouth dental implant costs

What makes full-mouth dental implants and other clinic-specific solutions worth the cost?

Full-mouth dental implants

Full-mouth dental implants are a common solution because of the following benefits – all of which are usually included in the price of treatment:

  • High-quality dental implant materials

It is widely accepted in the industry that biocompatible materials that increase the possibility of integration are now used for most, dental implant procedures.

This includes titanium, porcelain, and resins, which allow for an improved, more natural appearance, helping prosthetics to blend in with remaining teeth, and durability.

  • Can be fitted in a day

Some providers for full-mouth dental implants offer ‘smile in a day’ procedures, which allow patients to receive their dental implants and prosthetics on the same day – so they can eat, smile, and socialize without pain or embarrassment.

However, not all providers offer this treatment and if they do, it tends to be offered at a premium – often making it a more expensive investment than previously advertised – so be sure to check before you agree to treatment.

  • Natural feel

Because full-mouth dental implants often replace alternatives like removable dentures, their design mimics a more natural mouth feel, which makes adapting to them after treatment quicker and easier.

This is thanks to their fixed nature, which helps them function like natural teeth, unlike dentures which are often still bulky, mobile, and can feature a covered palate.

Clinic-specific alternatives

Some clinics across the UK offer an optimized treatment that builds on the advances made by full-mouth dental implants, for example, the EvoSolution™.

These solutions often include alternative benefits for a competitive price:

  • More teeth per arch

Unlike standard full-mouth dental implants which offer on average 8-10 teeth per jaw, treatments like the EvoSolution™ offer 10-12 teeth for both the upper and lower jaws, depending on your choice of solution and your anatomy.

This vastly improves your bite, making biting and chewing much more comfortable and improving function.

  • Advanced implant placement

If you meet certain criteria, you will have what some dentists refer to as having a complex case – which can make getting traditional dental implants difficult.

This includes patients with:

  • Loose or failing teeth
  • An ill-fitting denture
  • A lack of quality bone
  • A need for a sinus lift
  • Multiple missing teeth
  • No other option other than dentures
  • Complex, existing dental work, such as crowns or bridges

Full-jaw rehabilitation specialists and their optimized treatments make dental implants possible for these people, by fitting pre-maxilla, pre-mandible, and Pterygoid implants to resolve dental difficulties, like those listed above.

  • No hidden extras

Similarly, some dental implant providers offer an introductory or advertised price for full-mouth dental implants that can rapidly change with the inclusion of necessities like scans, anesthetics, and prostheses.

Clinics that offer optimized full-mouth dental implants across the country, on the other hand, have easy-to-access prices that accurately describe what is included – allowing you to make an informed decision before you even book a consultation.

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How to find the best quality full-mouth dental implants in the UK

Quite often, most full-mouth dental implant providers now offer pricing information on their websites and advertise a range of ways to get in touch if you have any questions.

The best way to get an accurate full-mouth dental implant cost is to compare these price lists and speak to the clinic themselves, to ensure everything you need is included in the advertised price.

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