Goffin Cockatoo | List Of Type, Care, Price

If you are looking for a pet bird and a quick learner who is not timid then the Goffin cockatoo is top on the list. Goffin cockatoos are very sociable and enjoy being held and stroked. It’s very common that your goffin cockatoo learns to open the cage as they see you unlock the cage. 

This is also called Tanimbar corella and the smallest size is 12 inches from head to tail. Due to the similar appearance, it looks like a bare-eyed cockatoo. Most often you see goffin cockatoos is white and clear with a little bit of salmon color feathers around the eyes and beak. Crest deeper feathers and around the neck you can also see salmon color. You can learn more about pet birds from https://cjparrotsfarm.com/. 

Feed & Care Of Goffin Cockatoo Price

As you already know Goffin needs more peaceful cages as they are very playful birds. They need a space cage. Its cage should be peaceful and made in a way to keep from escaping and prevent destruction. 

Mostly birds play with toys like chew and destroy. However, for Goffin, you need a kind of toy like a puzzle that takes it to keep the knot undoing. As it’s a quick learner the owner needs to set everything before buying a Goffin cockatoo. Otherwise, it starts learning and doing the same tasks to escape from care.

When Goffin goes with new people then it takes time to learn new things and enjoy new people. So, in the beginning, you should give them some toys. It’s an opportunity for the bird to introduce itself to new people and learn to enjoy it.

Behavior Of Goffin Cockatoo For Sale

The most highly intelligent and playing pet bird is Goffin’s cockatoo which is very good at learning how to open the cage. In research at Oxford University, Goffin can solve most complex mathematical problems by undoing a series of cage locks.

In research, we see that ten Goffins who are not big learners unlock the cage gate which is interlocked as a puzzle. They first remove the pin then open the screw and turn the wheel then unlock the door. 

Sound of Goffin Cockatoo

Most people know that the Goffin cockatoo is standing on the list of Calmer Cockatoo. However, don’t think that it does not learn the words and expressions as the other cockatoo learns. 

Goffin cockatoo gets familiar with a decent amount of words and expressions. However, Goffin is more likely with music and sound to move in the ways other Goffin do. 

How much is a Goffin cockatoo?

Goffin cockatoo is a big learner and a less expensive cockatoo. Most of the people interacted with its learning behavior. It is a really well-liked cockatoo pet and breeds fairly readily when captive. A Goffin’s cockatoo costs between $1,000 to $2,000

Green Wing Macaw For Sale

Ara chloropterus as the second name of the Green Wing Macaw which is one of the most striking and captivating parrot species. Due to its affectionate nature and intelligent demeanor, the Green Wing Macaw gained popularity as an ideal pet bird for those who like colorful, engaging feathers. 

Personality and Behavior Of Green Wing Macaw

The sociable personalities and playful Green Wing Macaws have a big demand among the people. These birds thrive on interaction and often from the strong bonds with human caregivers. 

If you talk about intelligence then they can be trained and perform different tricks and mimic speech. Their amazing voices and entertaining antics make them delightful among households. 

Care and Habit

For playing birds the first requirement that is short in the list of care is a spacious cage with plenty of toys and a suitable environment for a Green Wing Macaw. These things are necessary for a pet to be energetic and simulated. The diet that comes on the list is fruits, vegetables, nuts, and pellets for their health. 

Social Interaction

When Green Wing Macaws spend time with human companies then they thrive on social interaction and enjoyment. They build strong bonds with their owners and keep attention and affection. If you love to have pet birds then you should invest your time in building relations with Green Wing Macaw. These birds require consistent companionship with their owners and caregivers. 

How much is a green-wing macaw?

Before buying Green Wing Macaw you make sure you deal with a good breeder who knows the pet very well. As Green Wing Macaw is a high-maintenance birds that’s why its cost price is from $3000 to $4000.

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