Does Your Hair Grows Faster In Summer?

Is it true that Your hair grows faster in summer? well, this is true that hair grows faster in summer than in other seasons. Hair is the most important one to increase appearance in people’s personalities. Many people lose their hair right after the season change. At the start of the winter, the humidity becomes more toxic and the hair strain can’t get stronger. Hairs are made up of protein. whenever your body gets protein deficiency it falls out more. Many minerals and vitamins are important to grow hair faster in the summer.

In summer mostly there is clean air in the sky. Although, in winter due to fog there are more toxins in the air. Your hair responds to air quality for its growth, so it is more prone to fall in bad air. In fact, not just air is responsible for hair fall, but the food that you take is more important in hair’s health. Scientists have been researching an alternative to regrow fallen hair. there are some treatments that help you in the regrowth of hair. In this article, we will discuss some serious causes of hair fall and how to recover it fast.

Hair Grows Faster In Summer

What Is the Difference between hair fall and hair loss?

Well, often people consider hair fall as hair loss. But that’s not true in reality. The hair fall is completely different from hair loss. Hair fall mostly happens in 90% of people with changes in weather. While hair loss is a serious issue that leads to balding. If you notice that your hair has been falling in a bunch then it might be hair loss. The more early you seek the treatment the more it’s better for your hair health.

The study has shown that people after 40 have more hair loss than others. Hair loss can solve with many treatments. First thing is that you have to consult with a dermatologist or hair specialist. Then he/she will guide you to the best treatment according to your hair. whereas the hair fall is easy to solve by changing your lifestyle. hair fall usually happens due to a lack of nutrition in your body.

Which Food is Good For Hair Grows Faster In Summer?

Hairs are also part of your body as the other organs are. your body needs nutrition to grow healthy. just like that, hair is also relying on the vitamins and minerals that you put in your body. The most important for your health is to eat the right food. hairs are made of keratin almost 90% of it. keratin is composed of fibrous protein which helps in hair health and nails of the human body.

Food which contains protein, zinc, and biotin is helpful to grow healthy hair. Many of the food that we eat in our homes are good for hair but there are some that you need to include in your diet every day. First, Eggs are a very good source of protein so it is the best one to eat for hair. second, spinach is good for hair as it contains zinc in high amounts. Walnuts and almonds are also good to Grow hair faster in summer.


What Is The Cause Of Hair Fall In Summer?

The main cause which leads to hair fall in summer is sweat. In summer we got more sweat on our scalp and it’s really bad for hair health. As it has germs and these germs cause hair to break. you should also stop If you are washing your scalp with shampoo every day. The more you use shampoo the more your scalp gets dry and it’s bad for your hair. The natural oil that the scalp produces itself is worthful for the hairs to grow faster.

The other reason that leads to danger for hair is sun exposure. In summer the sun’s heat is high in temperature. Your scalp gets dry if it gets more heat. You can wear a cap or hat in summer to keep your hair safe.


Packs For Hair Grows Faster In Summer?

You can grow hair 10x faster in summer with the help of natural pack remedies. Here we will share with you some basic packs that will help you with this.

Pack for Frizzy Hair Growth

If you have frizzy hair and are worried about its growth then this pack may be best for you. First take 2 tablespoons of honey, 4 tablespoons of curd, 1 tablespoon of almond oil, and 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel. Mix it in a grinder or even with a spoon. apply it to your scalp and hair. leave it for 15 minutes then rinse it with fresh water.

Hair pack for Oily Scalp In Summer

The oily scalp usually happens in winter but some people face it in summer too. It is very easy to solve with the use of a natural homemade pack. All you need is to take 4 tablespoons of curd, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix them in a grinder and apply them on your scalp. Wash it with lukewarm water and leave the hair to dry naturally.

Extra Hair Growth pack for Men and Women

This pack can work for both men and women in the summer season or even in winter. It is very easy to make at the home by yourself. For making it you need, 4 tablespoons of castor Oil, 3 tablespoons of almond oil, 3 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 tablespoon of onion oil or onion juice, and 2 tablespoons of black seed oil. Mix all of these oils in a bowl and set it on low flame for 2 to 3 minutes. After that let it cool down and use it  2 to 3 times a week. you can use it 1 hour before showering and then wash it with a mild shampoo that must be SLS-free.



Before we move to the conclusion, we suggest you read the above complete article. In this article, we have given complete research on hair fall and hair growth tips in summer. These tips can even work in winter. This information is written after a well-researched on hair and its treatments.

Here you can explore the hair packs that work best to stop hair fall and grow more hair. Many people who can’t afford an expensive hair treatment, can even use these packs to get benefits like treatments. These are completely safe for everyone and there is no side effect of it. Only children below 8 years can avoid it.

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