Planters Mixed Nuts Nutrition Facts

Planters Mixed Nuts Nutrition Facts, Benefits, and Uses

Planters Mixed Nuts Nutrition is a great way to fill your nutrition requirements on daily basis full. Moreover, It is a great energy source. The product is made with Nuts which means it is full of protein, minerals, and healthy fats. The company claims that it is made with 100% natural nuts. Additionally, it is full of health benefits that even eating just nuts can’t provide you. As everyone knows Nuts are the healthiest food that no one can deny, But now they are more healthy. They are now even healthy as planters mixed nuts are a combination of nuts, and seeds, and are full of protein and fiber.

This pack of nutrition is also a reasonable energy pack for everyone who can’t afford expensive nutritious food. The company has an eye on the quality of food. it is well-prepared in a clean environment. In fact, they are very popular due to the quality of their product. In this article, we will also discuss more information about that product. You must read below complete article for more details about it.

What Are Planters Mixed Nuts?

Planters Mixed Nuts Nutrition is a product full of nutrition and energy. It contains a combination of walnuts, peanuts, almonds, and pecans. Anyone who eats it is actually getting the nutrients and minerals. The product is full of iron, calcium, zinc, and many more. Whether you are a child or an adult it is a perfect snack for you and your family. 

As a result, this snack is the best meal to carry while traveling. Mostly while we are traveling there is less chance to get any healthy meal or snack. This snack has solved that issue too. You can carry it to eat a healthy snack. Additionally, It is not just full of health benefits but the taste is also great. If you are someone who loves to travel then you must have heard about these dried fruits and nuts. They are healthy, light, and easy to carry. You can purchase this product from a local store and also you can purchase it from amazon click here to purchase it from the best seller.

What Are Planters Mixed Nuts Nutrition Facts?

This product has been offering a great variety of snacks for a long time. Planters are very popular for their premium snacks.  Planters Mixed Nuts provides a snack meal with many benefits for health. The main thing that no one can deny about this product is that it’s full of nutrients. Additionally, It is best for people who want to get nutrients at a time and without eating a lot of food, then this might be the best for you.

Planters Mixed Nuts Nutrition Facts:

Serving size 28 grams

Total Calories per serving include 170

Total Fat 15g which is 19% per serving

Saturated Fat  1.5g which is 8% per serving

It contains 4g Polyunsaturated Fat

This pack has 0g Trans Fat 

It contains 0mg of Cholesterol

Sodium  90mg which is 4% per serving

Potassium  200mg, 4% per serving

Total Carbohydrate  6g, 2% per serving

Dietary Fiber  3g which is 9% per serving

Total Sugars  1g

Protein  6g 

What benefits we can get from this product?

Let’s talk about the benefits of this product. Planters Mixed Nuts Nutrition is full of benefits that even another snack can’t provide you at a single time. However,  Planters Nuts is made with a combination of dry fruits and seeds. The benefits of dry fruits are numerous. However, seeds are also full of omega-3. It gives you many health benefits. if you want to maintain your healthy body, you must add this snack to your diet.

Whenever winter comes the demand for dry fruit increases.  Additionally, Not just in winter but many people love to eat it in summer too. Dry fruit is very beneficial for the human body. Planters Nuts are full of dry fruit you can eat them as a healthy snack. It will provide your body with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, protein, healthy carbs, and many more.

How Much Planters Nuts Are Safe To Consume?

Nuts have warm effects on the human body. It makes you feel warm. Most people prefer nuts only in winter to eat. but that’s the only myth that is bursting now. you can even eat nuts in summer or any other season. there is not any connection with the season. The only thing which matters is the amount. You must eat the right amount.

You can eat dry fruits according to your hepitite and need. The sweet dry fruit must be in low amounts. You can even eat the planters nuts about a handful at a time. The planter’s nuts are completely safe for everyone. Only children below 4 years should not eat. In fact, it’s more beneficial for pregnant women. The nuts are more suitable for a woman who has a baby in her belly. As it also transfers energy to the baby in the gut.

Which Nuts Are Good In Summer?

In Summer almonds are one of the best nuts. Almonds are rich in healthy fats and protein. It is also high in calcium. In summer you can eat many other dry fruits but almond is best to go. Almonds have many health benefits for men and women both, even for children too. It can be eaten raw or dry roasted and also in Milk. 

You can add almonds to your food. These are best to add in sweets and rice. It is best to dry fruit for vitamin E. It has a high amount of vitamin E and protein. You can add almonds to your children’s lunch boxes with other food. Although, if you are traveling this one is the best snack to carry. While in Winter you can also add it and in winter you must eat seafood as it is warm for your body and full of energy too. Read more about seafood here.

Final Words

To Sum Up the Planters Mixed Nuts Nutrition Facts, we have discussed all information regarding the Planters nuts in this article. you can explore here its benefits, uses, and much more. Planters nuts are a complete combination of natural nuts. The company’s main aim is to provide healthy snacks to people so they can replace them with bad snacks.

The benefits of Nuts are uncountable. Although, It does not just have great taste it has many minerals and nutrients. Every human in this world needs to eat food that includes nutrition. All types of nutrients and minerals are necessary for humans. You must try this product to get many health benefits.

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